Meglio HEPATOPROTECTOR For Horses 3kg
When is it recommended to use a liver protection course?
- In case of weak blood counts for 3-6 months;
- For 1-2 months after worming;
- After medication (anti-inflammatory, steroid, antibiotic, etc.) for 3-4 months;
- Up to 6 months after poisoning;
- Excellent against colic, its extra-high fiber content has a good effect on digestion;
- In case of stress (frequent competitive situation) every six months for 1-2 months;
- In elderly horses, jaundice due to insufficient liver function is not uncommon, due to organ age, to prevent this for 1 month every six months.

Skin diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, rudeness of mares during or outside mudding, concentration disorders, fatigue, various digestive disorders, edemas, but also migraine or depression can be caused by liver "poisoning".
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